Swisconsin® Brick

Muenster is an orange rind cheese originating from Frances Alsace Region. American type Muenster Cheese was originally made by European immigrants who started producing it in Wisconsin in the late 1880s. Muenster is a semi-firm cheese that is yellowish in color. It features a creamy texture that just gets creamier with age. Young Muenster is mild in flavor and becomes slightly pungent when aged. Think of Muenster cheese as comfort food with luxury leanings.


5LB – 2 PACK


5LB – 6 PACK

Recent Awards

Swisconsin® Brick

United States Cheese Championship Contest 2017: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place

Wisconsin State Fair 2016: 1st and 2nd Place

American Cheese Society 2016: 1st Place

Wisconsin State Fair 2015: 2nd Place

American Cheese Society 2015: 2nd Place


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