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Klondike Cheese Co.

Our Partners

We have many partners that make our high quality award winning cheese possible.


First are our "patron" dairy farmers – We believe they are among the very best Wisconsin "the dairy state" has to offer. Many of these farms have been in the same family for generations. Klondike’s Master Cheesemakers work closely with our "patron" dairy farmers to ensure only the finest quality Cheese is made on a consistent basis.

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Monroe, Wisconsin is home to the Cheese Days Festival celebrating the rich cheese heritage of the area every other year; where else can you find the "Cheese Makers Ball"? The Monroe High School sports teams are named "The Cheesemakers" as futher evidence of the legacy of cheese in our community. Monroe is also home to the National Historic Cheese Center. A Museum "celebrating an era that was, that will never be again". Green County Wisconsin is called the cheese capital of the world. The cheese making tradition runs deep in this area.

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We truly value our customers, without them we would have nothing. We strive every day to ensure the same great taste is in each bit of cheese. "We are of the philosophy that we would not sell anything that is not good enough to put on our own table."


Every step of the cheese making process for all of Klondike Cheese Companies Award winning Cheeses are overseen by our staff of outstanding cheesemakers that includes three Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers. The Master Cheesemaker is an extremely elite group of Cheesemakers that are required to have a minimum of 10 years of experience as a licensed cheesemaker and have exhibited excellence in their field while meeting very specific criteria. Next they have to be accepted into the Master program by a group of their peers. They must pass an intense 3 year program constantly monitoring the cheese they make, ending with a rigorous test before they can be accepted as a Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker. This is the Nation's First and Only Advanced Training Certification for Cheesemakers.


Every employee at Klondike is devoted to assuring outstanding quality and consistency in all of our products. Many of them have been with us long enough to recommend their children as employees also. We have invested in Robotics to take over the simple but difficult tasks from an ergonomic sense. This allows our people to be ready for the tasks that can showcase their many talents.

Milk Haulers

They are skilled at maneuvering safely around the rural roads, valleys and hills in a wide variety of weather providing timely delivery of flavorful, Vitamin and nutrient packed milk daily to our cheese plant to ensure peak freshness.

Land & People

The Swiss and German immigrants that settled in the area brought with them the cheese making skills and traditions that remain as the foundations of our industry. They found the land with its warm spring, sunshine filled summers, cool fall and cold snowy winters to be just like home. The temperatures, ample rainfall, limestone and mineral rich soils provide for lush pastures and good crop conditions. The landscape, grass and other food crops provide the necessary ingredients for high quality milk to make exceptional flavorful cheese.

The Cows

Next are the cows themselves – They reside in the Lush Valleys and Rolling Hills, along placid creeks and rivers of Lafayette, Iowa, Grant, Dane and Green County Wisconsin where they receive the best of everything the Farmers and their families have to offer. These cattle are the result of generations of hands on selection and loving care to ensure a good supply of the best quality milk possible. The cows are truly part of the family and many of them are named just like their children.

Photo (left) courtesy of Kelsi Mayer