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Klondike Cheese Company awarded first place for Feta cheese and swept two cheese categories at the WI State Fair Cheese and Butter Contest


MONROE, Wis. (June 27, 2016) — Klondike Cheese Company took away 12 ribbons in the five categories that they entered at the WI State Fair Cheese and Butter contest in Milwaukee. Klondike took home first and second place for its traditional feta cheese along with first, second, and third place for their flavored feta cheese. Klondike also swept the Flavored Havarti category with their Dill Havarti and first and second place with the plain Havarti.

The State Fair will take place August 4-14th in Milwaukee with the Blue Ribbon Cheese and Butter auction being held on Aug. 11 at the Saz's Hospitality Village at Wisconsin State Fair.  

 Klondike's Odyssey® Mediterranean Feta won first place and Odyssey® Tomato & Basil Feta took second and third place the Odyssey® Peppercorn in the same category, respectively. The flavored Feta left quite an impression but the Odyssey® Traditional Feta took first and second place in the Feta Category."These awards are an honor and a testament to the quality of our products," said Luke Buholzer, vice president of sales at Klondike Cheese Company. "Klondike has always been known for making great feta cheese, and we're proud to be continually recognized for also producing some of our state’s best Havarti and Brick cheeses Klondike Cheese’s brick cheese took first and second place ribbons in the Brick/ Muenster category a tough category to place as there are so many great quality brick and muenster cheese producers in the state.  They were also recognized for sweeping the Flavored Havarti category all three places with their Dill Havarti and taking first and second place in the plain Havarti category.

 Klondike Cheese Company's award-winning Odyssey® feta cheese and Swisconsin® Brick and Havarti is made using the freshest Wisconsin cow's milk with state of the art equipment, which yields a cheese of superior quality and consistency.



Adelphos Sour CreamKlondike Cheese Co. launches Adelphos® Reduced Fat Sour Cream

Klondike Cheese Co. takes on new category, Sour Cream.  What sets Adelphos® Reduced Fat Sour Cream apart from the other contenders on the shelf?  It is made with Odyssey® Greek Yogurt.  The nutritional difference to consumers is substantial.  Adelphos® Reduced Fat Sour Cream is 40% Less Fat and 75% Less Cholesterol than your Traditional Sour Cream.  At only 25 Calories per serving Adelphos® Reduced Fat Sour Cream beats out the average of 64 Calories of four different industry leaders Sour Creams.  You will be able to have that loaded baked potato without worrying about your waistline.  This is an area that is untapped. 

It is offered in a 12oz. container for Retail and offered in Food-Service sizes. Industry and Food Sales are welcome to contact Stan Woodworth, Klondike Cheese Co. for more information.

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Teena Buholzer, Marketing Director
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