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Klondike Cheese Co. is a 4th generation Wisconsin cheesemaking family, crafting cheese on the factory's original site established in the rolling hills of Green County during the late 1800s. The Buholzer family's three Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers have continually combined their expertise and creativity to meet the needs of the U.S. consumers by crafting many styles of specialty cheese. Today Klondike Cheese Co. boasts four Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers. They are recognized nationally for their very authentic Feta--a constant award winner--made with local cow's milk and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure they provide superior and uncompromising quality and consistency for all cheeses. The commitment to Greek Yogurt is no different. This is partnered with a level of service and people that are genuine as they come.

Recent Awards

World Championship Cheese Contest - Biennial                                                             2016
1st Place Dill Havarti
American Cheese Society Contest                                                                                     2016
1st Place Feta - Reduced Fat                                                                         1st Place Flavored - Tomato & Basil Feta                                                     2nd Place Feta - Traditional                                                                         2nd Place Flavored - Peppercorn Feta                                 3rd Place Flavored Feta - Mediterranean Herb                                            1st Place Brick                                                                                      2nd Place Muenster




Wisconsin State Fair Cheese & Butter Contest                                                               2016
1st Place Flavored Semisoft Cheese - Dill Havarti 
1st Place Semisoft Cheese - Havarti                                                                       
2nd Place Flavored Semisoft Cheese - Dill Havarti 
2nd Place Semisoft Cheese - Havarti
3rd Place Flavored Semisoft cheese - Dill Havarti
1st Place Brick                                                                                                                                            2nd Place Brick                                                                                                                                        1st Place Feta - Traditional                                                                                                                   2nd Place Feta - Traditional                                                                                                                  1st Place Flavored Feta - Mediterranean Herb                                                                                   2nd Place Flavored Feta - Tomato and Basil                                                                                       3rd Place Flavored Feta - Peppercorn                                                                 
United States Cheese Championship Contest - Biennial
3rd Place Feta - Traditional
1st Place Flavored - Mediterranean Herb
1st Place Lowfat Cheese - Low Fat Feta in Brine
2nd Place Flavored - Tomato & Basil
2nd Place Lowfat Cheese - Fat Free Feta Chunk
3rd Place Feta - Traditional
American Cheese Society Award
American Cheese Society Contest
1st Place Feta - Traditional
1st Place Flavored - Tomato & Basil Feta
2nd Place Reduced Fat - Light/Lite and Reduced Fat Cheeses
2nd Place Flavored - Peppercorn Feta
2nd Place Muenster
3rd Place Fat Free - Fat Free/Lowfat Cheese - Lowfat Feta
3rd Place Flavored - Mediterranean Herb Feta
American Cheese Society Award
Wisconsin State Fair Cheese & Butter Contest

1stPlace FetaTraditional                                                                                                        1st Place Feta - Reduced Fat Mediterranean Herb
2nd Place Brick 

WI State Fair Award
World Championship Cheese Contest - Biennial
3rd Place  Muenster 2014
US Cheese Championship Contest Award
United States Cheese Championship Contest - Biennial
1st Place  Flavored Feta - Mediterranean Herb
1st Place  Lowfat Cheese - Fat Free Feta
1st Place  Havarti Cheese - Plain
1st Place  Havarti Cheese - Dill
2nd Place  Reduced Fat Soft & Semi-Soft Cheeses - Reduced Fat Feta
2nd Place  Havarti Cheese - Plain
2nd Place  Havarti Cheese - Dill
3rd Place  Lowfat Cheese - Lowfat Feta
3rd Place  Brick Cheese
US Cheese Championship Contest Award

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